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RE: My New Roof

Just wanted to say Thank You for coming by in the middle of the night when the roof leaked.  I appreciate you taking my concern seriously and addressing it the next day. That says a lot about your character and integrity.

It rained last weekend and the leak appeared to be fixed. I plugged the microwave and under counter lights back in last night and everything worked. The ceiling can be repaired when I paint (which I was doing anyway) so no harm done.

Thank you for addressing this issue.

Hunter Brown,   Arlington, Tx.


I cannot thank you enough for taking care of us like you did. The professionals you brought to do the required work on our home were exceptional and the quality of work was outstanding!  We couldn't have done it without you and Apple Roofing. 


Bryan Rife


I am very pleased with the service I recently received from Apple Roofing Co.  As a result of property damage from the March 17th storm, I needed several structural repairs along with a new roof and gutters.  I can truly say this company did a spectacular job and cleanup and all within allowable  insurance rates.  Have used them once before and would recommend that if you need roof or repairs,  call Mr. Jerry Carr well established, honest, dependable and affordable.  I give this company an A+ rating. 
Also thanks for repairing my door bell cover and if I run across anyone needing a roof job, will recommend you.  Word of mouth used to be all we had. *:) happy
Thanks again for everything.  Flo
FJ Smith,    Fort Worth, TX

In today's world it's very difficult to find a company that is trust worthy and has a high degree of intregrity and you get both with Apple Roofing & Repair. We use Apple Roofing for both our Arlington, Texas Sports Cafe's and at our home.

Tom Barto, North Richland Hills


About Improvements:  I wouldn't change a thing!!

Jesse & Lupe Lopez. , Grand Prairie


Very professional and prompt in completing their job.

Robert G. , Richland Hills


Message: An APPLE ROOFING Representative came by my home and gave me an estimate on a new roof. He offered a good selection of shingles and explained the work proccess. It took me only one day to make up my mind on which Company to choose. It took APPLE ROOFING only 3 days to have the materials ordered and delivered to install the new roof.

The roofing crew arrived at my home exactly at the time they were expected and worked very diligently all day long. They removed the old roof and hauled it off, layed new tar paper and finished around the existing vents and chimney. It only took them one day to put the new roof on and clean the yard throughly. The  crew was very friendly and professional.

The estimate was exactly correct and the new roof is gorgeous. I am extremely "Picky"  and I can't find anything wrong with this job or the company.

Message:  Enclosed is my check as final payment for the work preformed on our home.  I cannot tell you enough how pleased we are with the new roof and siding. Nor can I ever thank you enough for working with us in dealing with the Insurance and Mortgage companies. Should anyone ever ask me about roofs - "APPLE ROOFING" will be what rolls off my tongue. May you have a happy & prosperous New Year.
Cindy Ramos,  Garland

Message:  Thank you very much for the wonderful job you did on my roof and the painless and prompt service I received from your company.
I really appreciate your help in every aspect, and will surely be recommending your services to everyone I come in contact with.
Thanks again,
Brenda G.,   Richland Hills

Message:  Thanks again for such an awesome job in installing my Whirlybirds & Vents.  The guys were really quick & professional.  I guess that's why your Company is @ the TOP!
Thanks a million,
Floyd W.,  Forest Hills

Message:  When a neighbor began getting a new roof, I called my Insurance Agent. Later an Insurance Adjuster called to set up an appointment.  He asked if I had a roofing company in mind so they could be present when the inspection took place. I called Apple Roofing.  When the day arrived all parties met and it was determined that I indeed need a new roof and everything was set into motion.
Meanwhile I watched as my neighbors one story roof was being installed. It was a big job which took them about five days. My house is a considerably larger 2 story with a 5 car garage in the back so I knew it would take longer to complete.
On Monday the materials arrived. On Tuesday the APPLE ROOFING Crew arrived at 8AM and went to work. At 8:35 all the old shingles were remove from my back 5 car garage and loaded into their trailer for disposal and the roof was ready for new shingles.  Those men did not even stop for lunch until 2:30.  At 4PM the entire job (house and garage) was finished, old shingles removed and hauled off, everything from the gutter line up was replaced with new materials and the yard was scanned with a magnet for stay metals. The entire job took eight (8) hours and it was done right.
Two of my other neighbors were so impressed, they immediately had Apple Roofing replace there roofs. I could not be more pleased.  Call me anytime if you have any questions.
Larry Linsey,   Arlington


Message: I wanted to thank you again for the roof and fence replacement work you and your crew did on my property.
You were a pleasure to deal with, the materials were top notch and what you promised you delivered on, as promised and the price was exceptionally fair and reasonable.
 Now onto the service.  It was OUTSTANDING and exceeded my expectations.  You explained what the process and materials were going to be without a sales pitch...just straight-forward explanations.  You and the crew showed up two days prior to when we agreed to, after you called me to make sure it was okay.
You did everything according to the contract and when I asked about 4-5 feet of non-contracted fence with the neighbor on the East side, you said, "No problem and came out the next day to make it look good.  When I offered to pay you more you said "NO", and just wanted to make me happy.  You also took care of all the insurance paperwork. 
What more can I say?  You exceeded my expectations and I'm quite sure the neighbors down the street received the same treatment.  Most people don't understand that materials don't just appear magically along with crews and with all the details taken care of.  However, I do, and appreciate all of your efforts with no money down until the work is done.  Some people just, "Do the right thing" and others don't have a clue.  You are a man of your word and I respect that!
Thanks again.
Woody B.Grapevine, Texas 76051
Date: 04/04/08
I wanted to thank you for the work you recently did at my residence. I appreciate your promptness and professionalism. I have passed your info on to several of my colleagues and I am told that they are going to contact you.
Thanks again.
James M. , Richardson

Date: 06/27/04
Message: "I love your Company". Needed special attention in a hurry. Roof and ceiling repairs to show home For Sale. Your man came on Sunday and repaired all the drywall, and the roofers did their job the following day. Thank you so much.

Diann S.  White Settlement

Date: 07/20/13
Message:  I would like to commend Jerry Carr and the crew at Apple Roofing for a job well done.
After a severe hail storm, I needed a new roof ASAP.
Several roofing contractors came by to assess the damage and give estimates. Mr. Carr not only assessed the damage and provided a detailed estimate but explained everything involved and offered to work with my insurance company to expedite the whole process.
The Apple Roofing estimate was very competitive and his crew was available to start immediately.
The crew was very efficient and it was obvious that they knew what they were doing.
The job was completed as scheduled and the cleanup was outstanding.
I am a very satisfied customer and would definitely use Apple Roofing again and would highly recommend them to anyone that has roofing needs.

Ed Jackson,  Grand Prairie

Date: 10/29/02
My brother works for your company. Your company is like a family for him.

Debbie, N,    Fort Worth

Date: 10/07/05
Great job and quick work with nice clean up.  Thanks!

Jerry J., Aledo

Date: 09/25/94

Message: Thanks for a job well done. Everything looks great and am impressed with the timely manner it took to complete. The crew did a good job and when finished everything was clean. Will recommend your company to others. Thanks again.

John C. , Fort Worth