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Should I cover my roof turbines in the winter months? I I've heard different reports.

No, let them breath. The heat you are trying to harvest is at the vary peek of your roof far away from your ceiling. Winter months brings in moist air. Your daily activities: washer,drier,dish washer and shower all carry moisture up into your attic which can cause actual water droplets that can cause dry rot and reduce the R factor of your insulation. This can also creap into your walls and cause paint and wall paper to peel and crack.

What is a Square in measurement?

A square is 100 square feet or a 10’X10′ area. Materials and labor or bid by the Square.

I have tree limbs touching my roof. Should I be concerned?

Yes, limbs raking across your shingles can and will cause sever damage and cause leaks into your home.

Do I need to use felt paper with cedar shingles?

There are basically two types of cedar shingles. Cedar shingles 16″-18″ long, and Cedar Shake or Taper Sawn that are thicker and 24″ long. #1 Cedar shingles need to breath in certain areas of the country (or they will rot) and should be applied to lath without felt or decking. However Shake or Taper Sawn need to be laminated with 30Lb. felt 18″ wide. On 9″ exposure shake/felt/shake. The felt is actually the roof which is under each coarse of shake shingles.

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